Poetry For His Majesty



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Psalm 76

Lord, I bless you in the morning and at the rising of the moon.

In glory days I sing your praise through out the afternoon.

From evening star to rising sun my praise becomes a song.

And in my rest I praise you still.................from dusk till dawn.


From dusk till dawn..............the praises go on and on and on

I praise you for your power..................in prayerful quiet hours

I praise you for your faithfulness; and mercy from above.

But most of all I bless you lord..............that you're a God of love!

From the settin' of the sun..............till the lights reborn.

How I praise you! Bless you. Abba........................from dusk till dawn.


In this world droplets of kindness rarely fell upon my check.

The gentle whispers of grace seldom felt empathy to speak.

Soft strokes of mercy hardly brushed across this brow.

And in confinement on this earth comes a longing even now,

Though the care freeness of youth was strangled in those nights of poverty,

And the fertile stress of weekend quarrels never birthed serenity.

Embarrassment for lack of all we never had to share.

At times provoked a plaintiffs pen's stroke, "God, are you the only one who cares?"

The hardships of spring years seem lighter as the heat of summer life grew stronger,

And the cup of wine from which I dined begged the question: How much longer?

Oh I was cut to size, when in my own eyes wise:

Now I leave the judgment in His hands,

I hold back from crying "'Sin" since I've not been where they have been:

Remove my desert............. Leave Him their grain of sand,

As colored leaves glow bolder in the fall of this spent soldier.

I summoned nature to thunder and teach me.

Obligingly she answered, and a lesson was transferred

Using winged souls to swoop down, and reach me,

Most birds of a feather flock together: security in numbers I zealously adore.

But for me Abba's will was a solitary bill,   It's alone this eagle will soar!

Most are lifted up in flight.  Strength in numbers lightens plight,

At times envy trickles out every pore.

Sticking closer than a brother: thankful that they have each other:

So alone at times this eagle learns to soar,

Guess He had something else in mind, than the friends I'd hope to find,

And I've found many ways to stuff a hollow hour.

With my eyes set on the future, and His hopes for me to mature,

I've learned the holy way to rely upon His power.

Years will race; years will creep, arid there's always time to weep

For myself and all the trials of his sheep.

Still there's a joy that makes me leap; stirring something way down deep.

'One with Him"..................It's the company I keep!!!!!!!!!!

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