Poetry For His Majesty



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Psalm 63

Old things have passed away; in that I rejoice.
The past is past don’t echo its voice
Just set your face to the Son of God
Keep your eyes on that crown. And come what may don't ever, ever turn around.
For the old ways are not His ways. And He's always in all ways good.
You can leave the past behind, make it the last thing on your mind.
For there's a Savior, whose coming soon. Move over saints!
Heaven's just made room for you!
And I’m leaving it. Leaving it all behind. The captive's been set free.
Set your face on Jesus. Thank you God for Christ in me!
The hope of glory. Thank you God for Christ in me!

"Do this in remembrance of me," the Lord has said.

Let God be exalted, as we feed on Living Bread.

To live is Christ...........to die is gain.

Flesh crucified...................the Spirit reigns!

Drink the cup from which He dined, His blood poured out in the wine,

"Do this in remembrance of me," the Lord has said.

Show faith in the power of the resurrected dead.

With all your trust............. On me to lean,

For true belief's.............. Beyond what's seen.

My sacrifice removes your leaven. Partake of me the Bread of heaven.


One day,sad to say, you'll awaken and your dreams will have become a memory.

It happened in a moment when a hope was forsaken,

And it's too bad, looking back you couldn't foresee,

That we only have one lifetime on this merry-go-round of earth.

And if you want it to be a divine time.................set a course of godly worth.

The fun of this world comes with a price tag.............a hidden clause.

But God gives joy freely................ To whom the spirit draws.

He loves unconditionally, despite my many flaws.

So why wouldn't I be eager to keep his spiritual laws?


And while i hate to believe its true. Once again, I'm falling for you.

I'd hoped it was just a phase, how my heart is all ablaze

But i can't deny the claim............ That i've traced these steps before

Hope lost behind closed doors ,and i'm crying out your name

I guess i'm tired of hiding what's true.................. All my dreams flow into you.


Better get good at forgiving in this life you are living, if you know what's good for you,

Once unforgiveness has begun,

It affects all,...... Yet wounds but one,

Plus, you can kiss his forgiveness adieu!

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