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Psalm 62

An offering is what I bring... To show I love you,
My living sacrifice of praise is ever on my lips,
Christ's offering is why I sing...to show I love you.
I feel the pain and agony of the cup he sips,
And so I follow in his steps, cause I’ve felt the tears he wept
For me in the garden of gethsemane.
Now my heart plans to do, what is holy unto you;
To walk worthily triumphantly & prayerfully..... Into my destiny.

Do His will till yours is gone,

Then your life will light the dawn.


My soul cried, "I am so full, so very grateful for all you've done for me.

How could I ever show.......let you know......how much it's touched me.

Spirit replied, "by the love you live.......with foe and brother,

By the gifts you give........to bless another!


You'll know in a moment, when you least expect it: a divine revelation in His timing.

You'll feel so beloved, that the heavens were opened: yet question why me?

It's such an honor to be granted this audience; bursting into the realm of the spirit.

And by the way your knowing' and feeling',

There'll never come a time you'll want to be leaving,

This experience, this thrill of third heaven,

For so long, so many years, this truth had been held back;

My maturation a tad slack!

He knew it would be hard to bear the wonder of it all!

Now at last my heart was ready! Angel catch me, if I fall!

I could never understand how all our suffering and loss,

Could just disappear with a waive of His cross!

How could so much pain be undone,

By just a mystic touch from His Son?

My mind had little faith in what I'd find.

But in an instant of contrition, he sent a sweet revelation,

and for the first time i knew,that the gut wrenching wretchedness of searing sin,

could be effaced by thc grandeur of Him!

It was my time for these eyes to be open wide, the Holy Spirit ushered me inside,

Where I felt like the lowly of lowlies to be honored by the Holy of Holies. So glorified!

I truly, truly knew an absoluteness in the pit of me:

That though life's laborious pain in all it's fullness had taken quite a bit of me,

Yet whal was produced for all the world to see

Was a perfect Son coming forth brilliantly, in little 'ole me!

All was worth the price paid: sacrifice made,

What's true in the natureal realm is truer still in the spiritual,

It's not in vain that we suffer in a seeming cruel ritual,

In the midst of the fiery flame you can't believe a pouring rain could erase the pain;

Make you forget the bane of what went on before,

But on the other side, looking back on that good riddanee closed door

Your joy will overwhelm what death had in store.

You'll be overcome by a Savior you adore!

He can wipe clean what was done here on earth by a savior's birth at your very core!


Would you recognize spiritual wealth? Do you examine and humble yourself?

If you want to be counted on high, better to let crime pass you by.

Snap the cords of every yoke! Find a heart that love can stroke!

Give some soulish swine some shelter from the rain and mud.

Don't forever turn away from your own tainted flesh and blood,


you are the high and lofty son, whose name is holy and pure.

You dwell in the heavens, yet live in one whose faith will endure,

Who listens quietly for the spirit: to restore the hope to those who hear it,

To awaken the dim sleeper............... To quicken from sills drowning anchor.

And commune with a grim weeper....................who penitently prays to his maker!

Let our voice herald like a trumpet,

And in a dirge of surrender come let.

Us consider all your ways............... Lay down willful days.

As we put on garments of praise.................and armaments raise,

Let a battle cry go forth! Send it out to all the earth,

Declare a throne of grace and a merciful messiah who entreats!

Why be replete in indiscreet self-conceit in a world obsolete?


My dreams came true........the day I gave in to you. Oh. What a wondrous encounter!

My dreams came true....... The day Igave in to you. Lord, what a sweet surrender!

What a shame! I waited so long to embrace your holy name.

What a pity He didn't come before! Or did He?

But anyway, anyhow........I'm yours......starting now!

I'm leaving the old world. .........that old heartbreaker.

Turning in your new world .............and my true dream maker!

Starting now......all my dreams flow into you!

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