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Psalm 60

The first time you touched my soul is etched forever in my heart.

You left an afterglow, the sum was greater than our parts,

Oh, for me there's only one of you, no matter what space or time I'm in.

But my heart turned stone, now I'm all alone........... With my "what might have beens".

Chorus: We would have been so good. We might have been all that.

We could have jumped 'or the moon, run away with the spoon,

Let others long for what, we had. I should have grasped it all! Before the fall!

But like sweet tunes, that end too soon,

All that's left is why and when, and my "what might have beens!

Verse 2

So much hope when dreams first weave, we two felt just like one.

The warmth was still ours to seize. We had more fire than the sun!

But it didn't take long before a bitter song ...........was the tune that settled in.

Now all that's left is a love bereft,.................. And my "what might have beens."

Leaving you has taught me well, that a heaven can turn to hell.

Splendored things can leave a sting, and only time will tell.

If it was worth the pain............feeling quite insane.......... With memories chiming in,

And that is why i heave a silent cry for my "what might have beens

So if you find a treasure, that goes beyond pleasure, treat it sacred deep inside.

For a pearl today, tomorrow, lusters away, if you don't lay low your pride,

A wound never heals until one feels, an empathy within.

So before the sun sets, forgive 'n forget all your "what night have beens'.

We can still be so good. We will be "all that!"

We can jump 'or the moon. Run away with the spoon.

Let others long for what we have!

I can grasp it all! Have a ball! Forget sweet tunes, that end too soon!

I'll just run right back to him.........no more, what might have beens!


Born again!............no greater honor to be chosen by him.

The spirit is moving you along. Turn away from what's gone wrong

And leave your past with him. He draws you out...........to bring you in.

So put your hand in the hand of the son of man.

The only one, who loves you unconditionally

He longs to set your soul free!

Turn around and come to the altar of God

Before his throne of grace.............fall! Surrender all!

It's the first day of eternal life divine. It's your moment............in His time!

Come take his bread. Drink his wine.

For what greater honor could there be: To be chosen by him!

Rejoice you're.......................born again!

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