Poetry For His Majesty



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Psalm 54

Come down.

When the glory of the Lord comes down, it will fill every part of His temple.

When the glory of the Lord comes down, it will rest in the heart of His people.

What man can stand in His presence? What knee will not give way?

What heart will not yield, when the Spirit's revealed, as His Glory inhabits our praise!


I commiserated myself when I contemplated the wealth of that blessed girl:

Little Ole Mary, who was chosen (in lieu of me!) to bring a prince into this world,

To be used of God so mightily cracked open a seed of jealousy.

Why couldn't I be the one to introduce The King Dynasty?

I wanted to be a great part of all the glory He would bring.

And in the midst or all my egoish huffery,.

Humility cleared my billowing pride, so I could see,

The haughtiness of my expectations............... to exalt myself above the nations!

Spirit, then tapped me on the shoulder, and mentioned when I was wiser, older.

I'd realize that Royal Gem, was planted when I was born again.

The same potential for reproduction of The Majestic Ruler

Was nestled in my holy adoption. I exclaimed. "Spectacular!"

But I was shown that implantation was only just the start,

I must allow His seed to be broken inside my fertile heart,

Then to study, pray, and fast, and "ouch!" till 'n prune.

Until all ungodliness had come to final ruin,

Then His Righteousness would come...............be birthed.

A completed work He had begun................. on earth.

At last, I pushed expectantly! The Prince of Peace was born through me!

So don't give in to jealousy and place yourself in danger.

If you yield, you too, can birth heaven's child in a manger.

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