Poetry For His Majesty



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Psalm 52

Create in me a pure heart. Renew my spirit now.

Show me where and when with gentleness.

And lastly show me how.

How to magnify my savior. How to show the world you care.

That you've paved a way to heaven............tenderly you're waiting there.

He has ransomed his life for yours. And with true faith you can know

A heart that cries out abba, Lord. And the god who bought your soul.

No other name...........no other god ............no one but you,

No other name so sweet................ No other god so true,

None before & none after ...................only you, God, Only you!


Persecutions crush my heart. Trials weaken my bones.
The vast unknown screeches in phantasmal undertones.
Yet a cumulus mist rises from the morning dew.
And the cloud from jehovah goes before me to lead me through.
Then showers of blessings sunder clouds apart.
So, abide in my word. Keep it deep in your heart.
In mercy’s mighty hour his monsoon will start.
Eye has not seen. Ear has not heard,
Just what is in store if you rest in my word.
Showers of blessings……….glad tidings of joy.
Granting a smile…………no tear can destroy
When nefarious clouds are finally gone,
He leads me on
He makes straight the ways…………of life’s mangled maze
My prince of peace inspires me to more than a measly tenth
For deliverance from my past’s thorny labyrinth
Appreciation demands to give him my all
An impecunious percentage? What gall! One heart at a time.

***One mind renewed this day.
One soul who see forgiveness
As the stone is rolled away.
One life that's restored.
One sprinkle from heaven's showers.
One love you've never known before.
It all flows from a God like ours.
There is one road to salvation.
It starts with a man named Christ.
It end's with a life that is offered Up to him in sacrifice.
Yes, the very same road to calvary
Is the one that you must choose.
But death to self leads to life eternally,
That's why he called it, "good news".


Thank you for choosing me, a cracked pot of so little worth;

To pour your power through, 'n pack lots of blessings to...........other saints on earth!

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