Poetry For His Majesty



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Psalm 51

I should have trusted you all the time, with the big things and the small.

But betrayal courted independence, then I didn't trust you at all.

I sat on my blessed assurance: my hard heart: a concrete block.

It wasn't till hell's hail hammered pride, that. I headed for The Rock!


And now I won't give up the journey: through the desert...........the wilderness!

I'd wrestle satan's hell or Jacobs angel. No more to settle for less.

Oh, I won't give up the searching. I'll ask.....I'll seek.....I'll knock knock knock!

I'll go anywhere............ pay any price........to get back to my Rock!

There were many two-edged pleasures............. with a bitter aftertaste,

I've kissed lifeless idols & dirty money. Treated His people like waste.

But Spirit recalled a jailed door.........only a God could unlock.

My handcuffed heart, now beating free............blood covered by the Rock!


Where would I go ? Charting my own vessel launched mutiny's mess.

I could have drifted, but the Son's warmth, made this heart confess,

I needed a Captain to calm my seas:..........a port where I could dock.

I was lifted from the water's freeze.............. fired up on The Rock!


I am wondrously amazed at how he loves us so.

I believe it was in Gethsemane that I began to know.

That though He faced his darkest hour, when He prayed "Not my will but thine!",

He may have shed tear' s for himself, but He sweat drops of blood for yours and mine.

Yes, our grief's. our stains, our sorrows: He gladly bore.

So if we were worth his dying: isn't He worth living for?

As I scale from glory to glory, and at the summit at last his face I see;

Let me ring out God's Most Beloved's story,

As his brilliant grace glistens down on me,

Yes, His glistening grace lumninating you and me


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