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Psalm 42

I will not let the enemy take away the gifts you've placed in me,
I will not let discouraging words rob me of the truth i have heard,
I will fear no evil ... Though ten thousand arrows fly!
For with faith to the Son rising high, every arrow will pass me by!
Oh, I’m going up. I'm going onward! The battle rages on!
I'm going up! I'm going onward, Christians, god can make you strong!
Oh. Let's go onward! Christian soldiers...be strong!
i will not loose my liberty, or abuse his grace and trust in me.
I will not let go my peace and joy, that once was so easy to destroy.
I will fear no evil... Though thousands against me arise!
For with my mind set on you my heart following through.
Oh, this soldier is gonna survive!
I will not stop his love in me:............ Pouring out. To lost humanity.
I will not give up the victory... He won with blood from Calvary!
I will fear no evil: Bring it on! Let the battle begin!
For with the armor of God... In the name of the Lord
There's no way that hell is gonna win!

Past moon and stars, He will endure. Beyond all time, I am secure.

If a troubled world forsakes me...... He loves me still. Amen!

Grateful thanks to Him who makes me........ Know God's Goodwill toward men.

Past heaven's boundaries..................He reignth still,

Past earth's dimensions..................... He always will.

At times we all forsake Him, yet everlasting love lives on!

Let thankful praises overtake Him............. in grateful, sacred song!

Yes, at times we have all forsaken Him, yet His grace flows on.

Now reconciled I partake of Him............... the Debt has been withdrawn. 

Freed from hellish Babylon.

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