Poetry For His Majesty



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Psalm 22

The corner of my eye caught a glimpse of your grin.

Wow! You thought you were too cool.

Never realized the danger you were in.

Never thought you'd be no woman's fool.

But the icy stare was shattered, cause pride no longer mattered.

What was left were two becoming one.

You were completely overtaken.........overcome!

The laughter in my voice struck a chord in your heart.

Abracadabra! Magic starts to flow!

Raptured by my love, the spell does its part.

Amazed, we watched our passions grow!

Through the lean years and the phat ones,

The good times and the bad,

Though at times muy faith it waivered, you were the best I ever had.

And when at the end our time on earth is done,

Hope you're still feeling...............overcome!

Two becoming one. Laughter through the tears.

Greater than the sum spanning the years.

In other words ................ OVERCOME!


I'm falling in spaces......between your thoughts,

And what escapes is......loving me as you ought.

To you I'm just a passing......exhalation,

Not worthy of lasting......contemplation.

Can't you sense sumptuous passions, that bloom from above?

Your oblivious heart needs to make room for my love.

Cherished threads of ardor are waiting to be weaved.

Still, you are undauntedly, not wanting me.

Unrequited fondness leaves serenity grieved,

And the loss is haunting me. Emptiness taunting me.

In this black velvet moment

Your moonlight is shimmering.

Please let its light be so bent

To catch a glimmer of me.

Just a glimpse undresses my soul so shear,

Exuding warmth, that caressed you, dear.

You will be smitten with that view.

Thus unable to ever resist.

Awakened by desire's dew.

Slumber not, so love will not be missed!

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