Poetry For His Majesty



Psalm 15

Are you governed by love or ruled by sin?
Does your opinion count or sway to win?
The victor usurped his pyrrhic spoils
His blood tainted blue just like the royals!

In a world of woe
The heart is bruised.
Laughter cures so,
Be easily amused!

A mind bent to obey, plus a heart of contrition,
Implodes into a dynamic force: SUBMISSION!!!

You failed to cultivate. Now a hard heart is fallow.
Fruitless hands scratch a barren head. Still minds run shallow.


One day I’ll buy a farm and kick the bucket.
Like a petal on a daisy, He’ll pluck it!
And when they open me, I’m hope’in they see,
An overgrown heart two times too big for me!
(Your heart should be a muscle stout
Did the autopsy show you worked out?)

Perfect vision? Sin distorts.
Walk with grace. All have warts.

Prideful rudeness is excused,
Indifference does corrupt.
Godly manners are refused.
Just can’t wait……..to interrupt!

Spiritual blindness is “sight unsent”
Freedom springs from enlightenment.

Men or women, which one’s more brave?
Cod or cloven, whose fear more grave?
Is it the first to raise their fist?
Does courage flow stronger from the wrist?
Or do cowards hide under wings of pride,
Never crushing the enemy inside?

We hypocrites, so quick to pick
And judge each false façade;
With each sin’s slice, a worse vice;
We steal the job from God!
(Our verdicts so much surer.
Being both judge & juror)

We tread upon this earth seventy years or so.
Will you crush spirit’s fruit? Or leave it free to grow?
Was your saunter light and gracious for the greater gain?
Did your footprints cover up tears of joy or pain?

Wisdom spurs this ole mare to laugh with ease.
Giddy! Up for a joyride! Nay neighing please!

I choose to laugh instead of sigh.
Are you a lesser fool than I?


Never appreciated what he had.
Devoted to no one. My, how sad.
Seldom submitted to his father’s will.
Devoted to a club sandwedge. Sadder still.

Serenade did she.
Now she just hums.
Her lord took freely
Dear daily crumbs.
How little was he
To take her song!
Yet love’s melody
Dared linger on.

Don’t hamper the power of God to bless,
By the power of your unforgiveness!

You paint a grim picture of the man I try to be,
Sin’s shadow clouds my full accountability;
Except for a glimpse that my spirit braves to see.
For that, and my poor vision, I pray, “Forgive me.”

Dumb ’n dull.
Some seem so simple. Gee!
Guess snobs see us so.
complexity is simply
less obvious! Whoa!

Not sure you lost your
Cure for poor posture?
Brave stature one must hone
To straighten your backbone.
Vanity, you tramp through life with such prideful (haughty) surety;
Will ‘n woefully blind to your shadow’s impurity.

Dreadfully sin plants a sure rue,
With an aim to capture your virtue.
Certain you lack a mature view,
And will stay out past His curfew.
Be to the demon ever so cruel;
Turn around. Go home. Make him the fool!

At the door there is a knock.
I never saw a stranger’s face.
Perhaps an angel’s on my block,
So I set a place for Grace.

By your paw’s pause…..
You don’t help brothers.
Plus you bark ‘cause,
Your hurt hurt’s others.
Weary bones you eschew.
Is a dog’s life meant for you?
(Itching’ for something higher?
Perk up your ears to heaven’s choir!)

Doe-si-doe! Promenade in love mere mortal!
Don’t a-la-main your partner through fear’s portal.

Walking in the light? Is your vision of yourself clear?
As you eclipse another, do you cast love or fear?

When you first notice His stamp on each speck of creation,
What relief and disbelief will be mixed with elation!

(So wrong for so long? Yo! Prig! Go fig!)

As his dreams rotted,

hope slowly clotted.

Her demise: plotted.
He whittled her pride

to an isolated fragment

Her hide chose suicide.

There's where the ole nag went.

Is this God a stranger? Have you found your true self in honest measure?
If not, you’re a beggar subsisting on scraps of dreams and vapid pleasure.

‘Midst your myriads of merriment ever think to seek a bond
With the Alpha & Omega; the ever present One beyond?

Do you walk deliberately in love or fearfully fast?
As you eclipse another, which shadow do you cast?

So! You feel so alone with your pain? Oh?
The world deals with another volcano.
One more angry soul that has spit and spewed.
Pity your core’s essence has come unglued.


Here is where I am. You, are where is want to be.
Here is where I grow, grasping for eternity.
In those early years, so free from care,
To say the least... Naively unaware.
Hastily going forth. Why did I dare;
Barely nursed on a wing and a prayer?
Changes mark the growing pains to maturing.
So reluctantly I’ve changed a thing, or two, or three.
Abdicating my clay kingdoms so alluring,
In exchange for peaceful dwelling in His sovereignty.
Now I ask myself a question quite extreme:
Do the lofty ends justify the ruddy dream,
I laid aside to hold my Master’s hand?
I burst forth, “It was worth it all, just to stand
On the Rock rising out of death's shifting sand!"

She arrived on the scene with the greatest elation;
So sure this diva was icing on the occakesion!

Small men stand ever tall. “How?”
Their stiff pride is never spent.
The great man is first to bow.
Humility keeps him bent.

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