Poetry For His Majesty



Psalm 11

Are your eyes steady on the port no matter the season?
Or do you navigate others stern & think that you pleas’in
Your Commander. Mate, you’re deluded if you think He’s in
Cahoots with your doing the wrong thing for the right reason!

Are you governed by love or ruled by sin?
Does your opinion count or sway to win?
The victor usurped his pyrrhic spoils
His blood tainted blue just like the royals!

Have you let yourself be sown as a humble seed,
Or uprooted and then blown like a tumbleweed?

We see ourselves in a mirror,

Looking pretty good at that!

External ducks all in a row,     with smart bow tie & silk top hat.

Yet right beneath the surface looms a spiritual brat!

Others sight is sharper, surer.   

        They critique the flaws, when I'm at bat

I'm booed by the seeds I poorly sow

        by a pharisaical autocrat!

With one touch they stroke my fur;

        with the other,  skin the cat!

But Glory Be! A light much purer,

         which covers me where sin once sat.

His light revealed the debt I owe. 

Which He forgave, though we mocked and spat.

Now I'm grafted into His Vine  a Holy Habitat!

His vineyard has grown me on a sweeter path.

I'm no longer a grape of wrath!


In humble beginnings He fostered an unlikely king;
To be laid low, then raised up a perpetual offering.
For what the precedence of law was powerless to do,
Grace accomplished with a flawless flood of blood for you.
It flowed in the tears and sweat of Gethsemene,
And it spilled… out on a hill “Christened” Calvary.
Then, it filled… a mighty sea called humankind.
Yes, it’s possible to grasp. It’s not hard to find.
Just open up your heart. Let the Spirit rush in.
Let it pour. Let it start. His anointing begin,
And continue to deluge your whole life through.
Spirit summons,”Receive the balm afresh, anew.”
God speaks, “These are the plans I have for you.”


Love commands our utmost:

Turn the other cheek, even kiss it.

In giving so The Host

Sends his best: joy exquisite!

Is ALL interwoven from above?
Are our fragile hearts cloven; afraid of
Intimacy with His piecefull dove?
Is mankind’s fiber laced with love?
Does HIS every finger fill our glove?

Who gets the acclaim as each act falls?
Who takes the bow in your curtain calls?
Who grabs the glory in all this stuff?
Better give Him too much credit than not enough!

So! You feel so alone with your pain? Oh?
The world deals with another volcano.
One more angry soul that has spit and spewed.
Pity your core’s essence has come unglued.

Is he the mastermind of this and that?
His hand exposed in our Bacarat?
My throne usurped where freewill sat;
The call preset when I’m up at bat?

Oh the many ways we “help” others as we’re sure we should.
Or is it for ourselves we say, “This is for your own good?”

The truth transcends

When the mind bends

Around the fact

That life is packed

With difficulty.

And I'm guilty!

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