Poetry For His Majesty



Psalm 9

Reach for a peach; the bruised on earth or from the top sublime?
To enjoy the best, you best be willing to climb!

Chin up! Chest out'n swollen. Opps! The Rock made you stumble.
You might not have fallen, if your posture was humble.

God says, “yes” a little and “no” a lot,
Or so life seems to indicate.
But what He says most, like it or not,
Is, “Guess you will have to wait!”
(Shall I condense?
It’s called patience!)

You’re on the bottom. God is on the top.
There on the ground lies the Ladder of Love.
Don’t pick it up and on the first rung stop.
There’s more than loving your own to speak of.
The second rung requires love to go higher;
You’ll feel a need to fill each human soul,
Since love of strangers is His heart’s desire!
The third rung’s sacrifice will take its toll;
All of me against animosity.
It is the hour to pray for and bless
One more wretched than me: my enemy!
Forgiveness kills (the old man), I confess!
The fullness of God lies but one rung away;
The easiest step……. I slumbered on the way.
(The old me was hung out to dry!
Don’t get too rung out to try!)

See a penny on the floor
Make it a picker-upper.
In about a year or more
You’ll have a free supper!

Dig in your heals! Hold on tight! And patiently plod through.
Endurance is harvested. InJoy what you and God grew!

The lowest worm has power. No need to quibble.
The biggest catch starts with just a little nibble.

Patience seems a reluctant mule,
Resisting guick passage through the gate.
Why buck the process with a duel?
Aim for blessing others, while you wait.

Bring me the lonely.  Bring me the broken.

Fetch the sinner, and the orphan.

The ones.............who can hardly speak a word.

My sons..............with ears blocked...........eyes blurred.

The desperate, the dying.........with no hope of being cured.

The outrageous, outfoxed,...........the wildly absurd.

The mangled, the weary, the tired, the abused,

The weak and the wailing, the drugged and the boozed.

The parsimonious & sanctimonious,

Ones full of balonyous!

The barbarous, the blasphemous, the perfidious adulterous,

The greedy octopus, the seedy infamous,

The contemptuous murderess, the incestuous, the querulous,

And throw in the onerous rebellious,

Now that we are all here together,

And you remark, "What a bunch tethered!"

Here's a clue what I'll do............to spark a hunch or two.

Look behind your own mask..........and you won't have to ask,

"Who's this debauched motley crew?"

They're just an overt example of the covert Waterloo

Cloistered in the self-righteousness of you!

Death, for now she slumbers. Shhh! Take care not to wake her.
Yet arise she will. Have you lived to meet you maker?

What in tarnation is going on earth?
Total starvation from poles to middle girth.
(on this paper my pen does carve
a plaque of words, “my people starve!”

Doubt edges us to be credulous.
Stand firm trusting your sacred pledge.
Beware the deceptive wedge
That starts out so thin,
Just a splinter of sin,
Then widens to a thorny hedge.

Dreams arise. We set goals. Yet even great visions fall.
Better to adapt and change than drink the bitter cup of gaul.
(Shatter the cup! Never give up!)

A mind bent to obey, plus a heart of contrition,
Implodes into a powerful act called submission.

You failed to cultivate. Now a hard heart is fallow.
Fruitless hands scratch your befuddled head. Fallow minds run shallow.

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