Poetry For His Majesty



Psalm 7

Small men stand ever tall. “How?”
Their stiff pride is never spent.
The great man is first to bow.
Humility keeps him bent.

Have you let yourself be sown as a humble seed,
Or uprooted and then blown like a tumbleweed?

“When you do return what I loan,
What great thing have you done?”
But, “well” used, cleaner, with thanks shown,
You’ve pleased the Father, son!

I'm breathlessly standing on the edge of my faith.

A pregnant promise on the ravine's other side

That abysmal leap scares this shabby sheepish waif,

But I can't stop.  Mustn't  falter.  Refuse to hide.

For I've escaped the demon's dungeon, crossed the miry moat,

Climbed jagged busty mountains till this lame lamb looks like a trusty goat.

My past has sheared me...........left me shivering and naked.

Almost stripped this ewe's hope.  Didn't know, "Could I make it?"

There I was at the precipice..............just about at wit's end,

When lofty faith mounted up.............I resolved to pretend

I was brave enough to try, ( plus a little berserk!)

So, I prayed, then jumped!  And guess what?  Faith worked!

And when fear cried, "Abort!"............His strength kicked in.

My God's hand was not short.............He carried my sin!

Thanks to faith, I've crossed doubt's fateful abyss.

Now, I revel in the land of grateful promise,

So full of joy, that I could cry!

Alleluia!.............Faith triumphs!    His "umph".   My  "try"!


In a world of woe
The heart is bruised.
Laughter cures so,
Be easily amused!

You paint a grim picture of the man I try to be,
Sin’s shadow clouds my full accountability;
Except for a glimpse that my spirit braves to see.
For that, and my poor vision, I pray you forgave me.

Dumb ’n dull. Some seem so simple. Gee! Guess snobs see us so.
Numbskull, Complexity is simply Less obvious! Whoa!

Godly manners are refused.
Indifference does corrupt.
Prideful rudeness is excused,
Just can’t wait……..to interrupt!

By your paw’s pause…..
You don’t help brothers.
Plus you bark ‘cause,
Your hurt hurt’s others.
Weary bones you eschew.
Is a dog’s life meant for you?
(itching’ for something higher?
Perk up your ears to heaven’s choir!)

Is your deed for His Glory,
Or your own praise and fame?
If you could only foresee,
If you dared signed your name!

To know the truth about oneself: There in lies heaven’s gains.
Harnessed freedom: sweet mental health. Don’t jockey for the reins.


Although my opinion is surely the best,
Better to wait till they make a request.
My reservation will be a welcomed guest.

Non imposing self-restraint proves twice blessed!

Do you usurp what others own
With your sageless wit?
Conquest has shown no mercy sown.
You’ve crowned yourself “unfit”

Angry chains are wanting me
To cross the line undauntingly.
Ghastly words on a taunting spree.
Love’s ghost howls a haunting plea.

Delicate humans intertwine
And sweetly we blend scents
As earth’s bouquet most divine.
Perfect interdependence.
(What fruits come forth from fragrant fashion?
Orange you glad to know it’s compassion!)

How coarse, sir! How crude, miss!
Your slip’s showing prejudice!

A lovesick dove or a not-so pleasant pheasant:
Starving souls are omnipresent.
Weather the absence is warmth or haute cuisine,
The emptiness is just obscene.
Appetites for love or dinner for two,
Will never “carryout” pain, or bother
The one to whom this sage quote rings true:
“Man does not live………but by every word of my Father.”
(Out of my hat this moral pull:
Only God can make you full.)

Just how much further? Any sign of relief?
Your distance is determined by your belief!

Chains and fetters cannot bind,
When freedom soars in the mind.

Do not hesitate!
Why be lead by fate?
Show her! What the heck!
Shuffle your own deck!
(don’t ever get stuck
by the mistress of luck!)
Why wallow in the muck
With the taskmaster luck?
Why give in
To the mistress of sin.

Serenade did she.
Now she just hums.
Her lord took freely
Dear daily crumbs.
How little was he
To take her song!
Yet love’s melody
Dared linger on.

When you bow down and worship some One higher than you,
What a wondrous paradox that you are lifted too!

Have you accomplished much?
Don’t feel too full and lofty.
Without the Master’s touch,
You wouldn’t have pulled it off. See!


Could you divide a drop of water? Split the sea? Why not an ocean?
The amount of water is no obstacle, when faith’s rod strikes devotion.

Is ALL interwoven..... from above?
Are fragile hearts cloven;..... afraid of
Intimacy with His piecefull dove? Is mankind’s fiber laced with love?
Does HIS every finger fill our glove?


Is He the mastermind of this 'n that?
His hand exposed in our Bacarat?
My throne usurped where free will once sat;
The call preset when I’m up at bat?

Who gets the acclaim as each act falls?
Who takes the bow in your curtain calls?
Who grabs the glory in all this stuff?
Better give Him too much credit than not enough!

Are your eyes steady on the port no matter the season?
Or do you navigate others stern & think that your pleas’in
Your Commander. Mate, you’re deluded if you think He’s in
Cahoots with your doing the wrong thing for the right reason!

Wisdom spurs this ole mare to laugh with ease.
Giddy! Up for a joyride! Nay neighing please!

I choose to laugh instead of sigh.
Are you a lesser fool than i?

Do you make others feel badly by curs’in
And blame? Who then really is the small person?

Never appreciated what he had.
Devoted to no one. My, how sad.
Seldom submitted to his father’s will.
Devoted to a club sandwedge. Sadder still.

Don’t hamper the power of god to bless,
By the power of your unforgiveness!

Oh the many ways we “help” others as we’re sure we should.
Or is it for ourselves we say, “This is for your own good?”

Revenge is a grudge sent
To echo god’s judgement!
(I used a small case “g”. It’s true!
To indicate “that” god is you!)

Always anxious. Toujour vexed.
This world makes you feel hexed.
Immobilized, most perplexed.
Faith goes forth despite what’s next!

Love commands our utmost:
Turn the other cheek, even kiss it.
In giving so The Host
Sends his best: joy exquisite!

Not sure you lost your
Cure for poor posture?
Brave stature one must hone
To straighten your backbone.

Vanity, you tramp through life with such prideful surety;
Will ‘n woefully blind to your shadow’s impurity.

Dreadfully sin plants a sure rue,
With an aim to capture your virtue.
Certain you lack a mature view,
And will stay out past his curfew.
(Be to the demon ever so cruel;
Turn around. Go home. Make him the fool!)

At the door there is a knock.
I never see a stranger’s face.
Perhaps an angel’s on my block,
So I set a place for Grace.

She arrived on the scene with the greatest elation;
So sure this diva was icing on the occakesion!


If you knew who, the really lost were,
You’d loose your prideful silly posture.

A few simple things
For the King of Kings:
Trust, obey, share, love.
God is pleased there of.
Be so simple in your style.
Lo! A dimple in His smile!

Self righteous and sorely unashamed of the pride you’ve shown.
Your willful sword so swift to swipe Seigneur God off His thrown.


Diligence more than brillance does move one to achieve.

Perseverance will forge further fueled by what you believe!



(say fast 3 times!)

or: Does your chauffeur wear faux fur?

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